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What is Leafscan?

Leafscan is a mobile app for measuring the surface area of individual leaves.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

On the Phone

Why Leafscan?


Measure leaf area in about the time it takes you to take a picture.


Use Leafscan in the lab or in the field, and measure leaves of any size.


Take leaf pictures at an angle. Leafscan corrects for perspective.

Download the User Guide and reference sheet.

The reference sheet is used by Leafscan to scale the leaf to its actual size and correct for perspective. The reference sheet is the last page of the User Guide.

Who is using Leafscan?

Our users include plant scientists, agronomists, ecologists, entomologists, and chemists. Please see Works That Reference Leafscan for a complete list of works that use or reference Leafscan.

What do you think about Leafscan?

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions to help us improve our app.

Please contact us at

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