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Works That Reference Leafscan

Published Articles

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi mediate how plant herbivory history influences herbivore performance

Hannah Locke and Kerri M. Crawford. 2022. Ecological Entomology.

Effect of acute shade on the canopy morphology and evapotranspiration rates of three turfgrasses

Huanyun Duan and Charles Fontanier. 2022. Turfgrass Physiology.

Functional traits and responses to nutrient and mycorrhizal addition are inconsistently related to wetland plant species’ coefficients of conservatism

Jack Zinnen, Brian Charles, David N. Zaya & Jeffrey W. Matthews. 2022. Wetlands Ecology and Management.

High intraspecific trait variation results in a resource allocation spectrum of a subtropical pine across an elevational gradient

Kirsten S. W. O'Sullivan, Albert Vilà-Cabrera, Jan-Chang Chen, Sarah Greenwood, Chi-Hua Chang, and Alistair S. Jump. 2022. Journal of Biogeography.

Initial performance of red mulberry (Morus rubra L.) under a light gradient: an overlooked alternative livestock forage?

Ryan Dibala, Shibu Jose, Michael Gold, Robert Kallenbach, and Benjamin Knapp. 2022. Agroforestry Systems.

Phosphorus and potassium nutrition of a tropical waterlily (Nymphaea) used for commercial flower production

Martin vH Staines, Kathy L. Sassoon, and Hans Lambers. 2022. Plant and Soil.

Air Cleaning Performance of Two Species of Potted Plants and Different Substrates

Tatiana Armijos-Moya, Pieter de Visser, Marc Ottelé, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, and Philomena M. Bluyssen. 2022. Applied Sciences.

Multifunctional Surface, Subsurface, and Systemic Therapeutic (MS3T) Formulation for the Control of Citrus Canker

Stephen L. Smith, Maria G. N. Campos, Ali Ozcan, Hajeewaka C. Mendis, Mikaeel Young, Monty E. Myers, Michael Atilola, Mitsushita Doomra, Zon Thwin, Evan G. Johnson, and Swadeshmukul Santra. 2021. J. Agric. Food Chem.

An experimental study on GREENBOX technology: feasibility and performance

Ankit Kumar Singh, Richard J. McAvoy, Boris Bravo-Ureta, and Xiusheng Yang. 2021. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Fire and browsing interact to alter intra-clonal stem dynamics of an encroaching shrub in tallgrass prairie

Emily R. Wedel, Jesse B. Nippert, and David C. Hartnett. 2021. Oecologia.

Spatio-temporal differences in leaf physiology are associated with fire, not drought, in a clonally integrated shrub

Emily R. Wedel, Kimberly O’Keefe, Jesse B. Nippert, Braden Hoch, and Rory C. O’Connor. 2021. AoB PLANTS.

Refining iteroparity with comparative morphometric data in Bromeliaceae

Rachel S. Jabaily, Brad Oberle, Emma W. Fetterly, M. Shane Heschel, Brian J. Sidoti, and Erin N. Bodine. 2021. International Journal of Plant Sciences.

Copper-fixed quat: a hybrid nanoparticle for application as a locally systemic pesticide (LSP) to manage bacterial spot disease of tomato

Ali Ozcan, Mikaeel Young, Briana Lee, Ying-Yu Liao, Susannah Da Silva, Dylan Godden, James Colee, Ziyang Huang, Hajeewaka C. Mendis, Maria G. N. Campos, Jeffrey B. Jones, Joshua H. Freeman, Mathews L. Paret, Laurene Tetard, and Swadeshmukul Santra. 2021. Nanoscale Advances.

LeafMachine: Using machine learning to automate leaf trait extraction from digitized herbarium specimens

William N. Weaver, Ozcan, Julienne Ng, and Robert G. Laport. 2020. Applications in Plant Science.


Applications of Beauveria bassiana (Hypocreales: Cordycipitaceae) to Control Populations of Spotted Lanternfly (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae), in Semi-Natural Landscapes and on Grapevines

Eric H. Clifton, Ann E. Hajek, Nina E. Jenkins, Richard T. Roush, John P. Rost, and David J. Biddinger. 2020. Environmental Entomology.


Image-Based, Organ-Level Plant Phenotyping for Wheat Improvement

Cody S. Bekkering, Jin Huang, and Li Tian. 2020. Agronomy.


Leaf Lettuce Yield Is More Sensitive to Low Daily Light Integral than Kale and Spinach

David A. Baumbauer, Colleen B. Schmidt, and Macdonald H. Burgess. 2019. HortScience.


Dissertations and Theses


Photosynthesis, water use, and biomass allocation of princess tree (Paulownia tomentosa) and tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) first year seedlings across light and prescribed fire conditions

Hannah E. Dinkins. 2021. Thesis for Master of Science. Western Carolina University.


Community conservation and restoration of degraded land in semi-arid Namibia in the context of climate change

Emilia N. Inman. 2020. Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy. University of Western Australia.


Forage production and diversification for climate-smart tropical and temperate silvopastures

Ryan H. Dibala. 2019. Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy. University of Missouri-Columbia.


Extending cool season production of vegetables in the high tunnel: balancing heat and light

David A. Baumbauer. 2019. Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy. Montana State University.


Drivers, mechanisms, and thresholds of woody encroachment in mesic grasslands

Rory C. O'Connor. 2019. Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy. Kansas State University.


Simulation Approach to Estimate Rice Yield and Energy Generation under Agrivoltaic System

Thum Chun Hau. 2019. Thesis for Master of Science. The University of Tokyo.


Investigations into Water Use Rates and Drought Resistance of Turfgrasses Under Shaded Conditions

Huanyun Duan. 2018. Thesis for Master of Science. Oklahoma State University.


Unpublished Work


SLP01 Leaf physiology in response to fire and climate within Cornus drummondii shrubs at Konza prairie

Emily Wedel, Kim O'Keefe, Rory O'Connor, and Jesse Nippert. 2021. Environmental Data Initiative.


Digital Phenotyping to Characterize Genetic Variations in Open Pollinated Progeny of Apples

Angela Chen, Richard Tegtmeier, and Awais Khan. 2019. Proceedings of the 2019 Cornell AgriTech Summer Research Scholars Program.

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